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Unsafe abortion remains a `silent pandemic’(David Grimes); The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 42 million pregnancies were voluntarily terminated, of which 20 million were unsafe (2003).

Rate of unsafe abortions are higher where abortion laws are restrictive.  It... Read More 

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Information is key to battling stigma and promoting access to safe abortion. Here are some resources that are a must-read for people looking to learn more about abortion:


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Once a loved one makes the choice to get an abortion, how can you be of help? What are the things you can do and say to make the process easier for them? Here are 4 comics on the support network for abortion seekers, from parents and partners to friends and service providers.... Read More 

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The culture of silence around abortion leads to myths and misinformation about it. These myths further add to the cycle of stigma, and affect access to safe abortion. Here are 6 myths about abortion that need to be busted:




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By Garima Srivastava, ASAP Asia


“Efforts to increase women’s access to and control over safe, legal, affordable abortions will be limited unless we incorporate a stigma lens and practice into our work and that we need a global community of practice and action to... Read More 

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April 1, 2014
Shweta Krishnan


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By Aisha Lovely George (Hidden Pockets) & Nafisa Ferdous (CREA)


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by Aisha Lovely George, Hidden Pockets



“When was the last time you visited a gynae? Do you know any good ones?” I asked my friend. She replied, “Hey, I am not pregnant. I’m not even married.”


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In 1971, the increasing cases of maternal morbidity due to unsafe abortions, as well as the idea that abortions could be used as a method of population control motivated the government to enact the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. But what does the law really say? To what extent is abortion... Read More