Criminalization of Sexuality and Reproduction: human rights impact, intersections, and strategies

On 12 June 2014, a panel discussion is being held alongside the 26th Session of the UN Human Rights Council to examine the interplay of the criminalization of sexuality and reproduction with the international human rights framework. Topics of discussion include the ways criminalization of different aspects of sexuality relates to control over one’s choices, restriction on autonomy, and disregard for consent. Other discussions include gender, cultural, and religious norms and values that contribute to the criminalization of sexuality and reproduction. The panelists will explore these issues through an intersectional lens to enable a discussion of effective and rights‐based strategies to restore the control of every person over their sexuality, body, and life. Sunita Kujur, Director, Programme Planning, Learning and Evaluation, CREA, will speak at the panel, as part of Sexual Rights Initiative, on criminal laws relating to sexual activity and gender expression. Watch a video recording of the event, here.


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