Notes on Body and Sexuality from the Abortion Discourse

Here is an excerpt from the post by Surabhi Srivastava (Program Associate, Programs and Innovation,CREA) and Kristin Francoeur (Fulbright-Nehru Researcher and Consultant,CREA) at TARSHI's blog 'In Plainspeak'


Globally, the discourse against abortion has always been preoccupied with managing women’s bodies, and thus also intimately connected with maintaining the patriarchal status quo and views on female sexuality. Abortion is not talked about openly because people don’t want to contemplate the idea that women have sex for pleasure, or might refuse to accept pregnancy as a ‘punishment’ for flouting the patriarchal system that has decided women’s sexual experiences should be limited to a reproductive nation-building exercise that happens within the family unit into which the woman marries.


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