Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute—India (Hindi)

3 February 2014
Gurgaon, India

The eighth SGRI Hindi was held from 3 to 8 February 2014 in Gurgaon, India. Twenty-nine women activists from Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, India, and Kathmandu, Nepal attended the Institute.


The goal of the Institute is to examine the principles of sexuality and the inter-linkages between sexuality, gender, and reproductive health and rights. It builds an understanding of the basics of gender and sexuality, and their links to issues related to reproductive health, disability, laws, and sex work. This year’s Institute also had specific sessions on nationalism and sexuality; Section 377; moving beyond binary gender; criminalisation of sexual and reproductive health and rights, ARTs and surrogacy, disability and sexuality, sexuality and laws, sex work, and working with community-based organisations on sexuality and reproductive health and rights. The participants also engaged with strategies through which sexuality is being included in organisations' work in India. This Institute also built on feminist leadership of activists and organisations. Seven of the Institute participants were from CREA’s Ibtida network.


The Institute was taught by a team of feminist activists and practitioners who have done pioneering work in bringing sexuality into women's rights and human rights work. Resource persons included Pramada Menon, Co-founder, CREA, and a queer feminist activist; Chayanika Shah, LABIA-A Feminist LBT collective; S Vinita, an independent consultant; Dipika Srivastava, TARSHI; and Meenakshi Kamble, VAMP. Some of the faculty members from CREA were Shalini Singh, Meenu Pandey, Pooja Badarinath, Vrinda Marwah, and Sanjana Gaind.